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Hi, my name is Brittney Bonds.
I am a Realtor and Motivational Speaker.

Its so easy to get swept up in life. Spending years at a job you dislike. Being content with the relationships that no longer serve their purpose. How do you know when its time to re adjust? How do you know which things in your life to change? If you're feeling lost and unsure of what your next move in life should be, your soul is likely disconnected.  Along this journey of life at some point you drifted and are stuck in a place you shouldn't be. I am here to help you unlock your passion and show you how you can use it to take control over your life and create your dream life. 

I am a master motivator and can guarantee you I will leave you inspired and ready to get unstuck!

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You have to go after your dreams, they're waiting for you.


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I can help you change your story

Have you ever felt like you are just coasting through life? Doing what you feel like you're “supposed” to do because of the standards that society sets for us? I’ve felt trapped and contained my entire life. There’s always been a strong burning desire deep down that I was built for something much bigger.Everyone has this thought in their head on why this can't be possible for them. I'm here to tell you..whatever it is you want in life, YOU CAN GET! But you have to work for it. It takes creative and innovative thinking to build something bigger than you have ever built in your life. One of my biggest takeaways in my journey thus far, you cannot do everything alone. If you want to get to that next level YOU MUST leverage your time. Don't waste time trying to do everything yourself. Focus on the things you're good at and outsource the rest. That's why I’m here. To  motivate you and light the way. Think of me as the angel on your shoulder telling you exactly what you need to do to start truly living. So if you're ready to start your journey of finding freedom and creating the life you want but are needing a push, subscribe and tune in to my podcast Bri Inspired with Brittney Bonds to get you inspired and UNSTUCK! 

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Who is Brittney Bonds?


Growing Up With a Parent On Drugs



The Day I Lost My Mother

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