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Failing Forward

Life is like a big maze. Each decision you make sets off a series of actions that will lead to the next decision you will be faced to make and so on. The challenge is making the correct decisions the first time so your journey heads in the right direction. Sometimes we make the wrong decisions and unfortunately we won't even realize it was the wrong one until its to late. I often hear people complain about their lives and how unlucky they are. I always ask, what are you doing to change your situation? Most look at me with a blank stare and say, nothing.

The problem with people is that they are afraid of failing. Society has got our heads all twisted to think that failing is a bad thing. Failing is actually a good thing. Its an essential part of the learning process. Think about the fundamentals of science. Without trial and error and failure no progress would ever be made. So we must approach this word "failure" in a new light. Instead of getting down on yourself about falling on whatever it is you are set out to do, focus on the things that you have learned in the fall.How will these new discoveries help you get over that next hump? Get excited about failing! Because that just means you are one step closer to the big win.


This may sound flat out depressing but hear me out. If you want to make changes in your life you have to really start with your mental. It is guarenteed that you will at some point in your journey to success fight yourself. You will tell yourself how much of a failure you are. How much money you don't have or another excuses that's stopping you from getting off your butt. However, if you commit at the very beginning to embrace your failures you can prevent your mind from getting caught up in the negative cycle. Instead of getting upset when you fail set failure goal for yourself. If you fail 3 times this week then you get a prize. You want to encourage failing because once you get comfortable with it, you won't be afraid of it. Let me tell you, when you loose that fear of failing, you become unstoppable. It simple doesn't matter what could happen because your mentally equipped to handle it. The faster you fail, the quicker you will learn and eventually succeed. So lets cheers to failing forward and keeping things moving!


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