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Finding Your Purpose

Everyone has a purpose. Some people may take longer to find theirs than others. While most, may never find theirs at all. If your like me, your unknown purpose has been burning a hole through your chest your entire life. Have you ever felt so uncomfortable and unsatisfied? Thats your purpose. It's yelling at you to get up and make moves.

What stops most people from finding their purpose is fear. They are to afraid of the journey that lies ahead. I'd be lying to you if I said uncovering your purpose and rising to your full potential was a walk in the park. There is a reason why the 1% are the 1%. Some people have the drive and others simply don't. Now I am a firm believer that drive can be taught. Those who are most successful in life have been taught about drive at an early age. By installing drive early on in life you are able to make a sting of impactful decisions that will lead to a pot of gold when the time is just right. For years, people have made comments about me being a work-a-holic or wonder why I cared so much about what people thought about me. You see, I feel like I've always been ahead of the crowd. Loosing both of my parents at a young age taught me to look at the BIGGER picture. In every decision I make there is a much bigger force driving the cause. Fast forward to today and I have built numerous opportunities for myself by the little decisions I made along my journey of life. My dedication to the work force has allowed me to network and build relationships with people who now play a big role in my own business. Taking control over my image has allowed me to build a brand without even realizing it.

Just Let It Happen

Thats the beauty of purpose. You just kind of fall into it. I love talking with people who are at a lost point in their lives. They are often defeated, unmotivated, and hopeless. My first question is do you enjoy what you do everyday? Most people respond with a resounding "NO." What would actually make you happy? Every person always responds in the same way. They immediately start to list the reasons and excuses for why they cannot do the things they are passionate about. Mind you, the only question I asked was what would actually make you happy. People are so quick to side with the negative thoughts that pull them deeper into an idle state. And there they will remain. Until someone like me comes along and pulls them out the rut.

The key to fighting off the negative thoughts, is to suit up and prepare for battle. Yes, I said prepare for war folks. Cause that's what's happening. Everyday you are at war with yourself. Nobody can win this fight but YOU. So have a list of positive rebuttals to your negative Nancy. My favorite go to for helping me win my biggest battles; WHAT IF .. For example, taking a step out of my comfort zone to get new clients. Instead of telling myself people don't want to hear what I have to say I look myself in the mirror and say,WHAT IF..What if they do?? Immediately my mind shifts to the possibility of just one person liking what I had to say. One client could help me pay for marketing to get the next 5 clients. Its all about the bigger picture. Focus on smaller steps, cause they will lead to BIG opportunities. .

It takes trial and error to find your path. Don't resist the journey.

Bri Inspired


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